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dolphinlover29's Journal

17 January 1988
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I usually keep myself busy with school, job, internship, etc....but yeah here are some specific random things about myself:

1) Favorite Animal: Dolphin (duh....from my name)
2) Short and overweight (but not by a whole lot)
3) Major: Japanese, Communications, and an Education minor. Hoping to go to either Sac or SF State for career and education counseling grad. school.
4) In anime for some odd reason I love guys with green or blue hair.....>.>
5) Love vampires...they are sexy
6) What are also sexy are my favorite East Asian pop stars (omg.....DBSK, Super Junior, Fahrenheit.....why can't you be in the U.S. more often??? T_T)
7) Likes having green tea in the mornings when she has time.

If you want to know anything else you can ask me later.