Happy Shun!


So I went in for an interview in San Jose for Intermarket, a Japanese company that sells and manufactures electronic hardware.

I get a call half hour later (luckily I took a pit stop in San Ramon to get gas) asking to hire me!!

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Favorite songs to listen to on the way to Irvine and Back

Beast's "Special" is super catchy! XD!

2 AM's "No. 1" song is cute. I'm surprised though that it was a song to raise the spirits of South Korean citizens for the World Cup since a majority of the song is sung in English. The lyrics that are in English make no sense and have nothing to do with the World Cup...but oh well. It's cute and catchy XD! JoKwon is also SUPER GAY as usual in this one. (even if you don't know who he is, you can spot him out of the four VERY easily. I'll be surprised if he's not gay)

MBLAQ's "One Better Day" starts out slow but the techno background made me dance and speed down the freeway at 80 mph every time the song came up XD!!

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Last week and weekend

Sorry everyone! Been busy with everything going on...work, school, DAC, family, friends, etc....

Last week I was trying to get used to all my classes which are ALL very reading based. I am used to having at least one Japanese class that was less reading intensive but very hw intensive. So this may take some getting used to.

DAC went pretty well. We had such a HUGE turn out that not everyone got seats in Wellman 115. AfterDAC had a few new people. Overall it was quite fun. I hope the rest of the year goes well!

Over the weekend, I went home back to Lodi. I took my cousin Jessica with me as well. Then later than night went bowling with Meghan, Tara, and her boyfriend Cooley. We had a good time with that except for the TERRIBLE mother and father who BROUGHT their young child to bowling from 10 pm - 1 am. WTF...who does that?? On top of that they were trying to feed the child with what LOOKED like soda and cheetos. To make things worse, the mother was drinking Starbucks cappuchino at midnight....who does that??? Maybe she needs caffeine to stay up, but THAT much? It looked like she was going to stay up until 5 am..*shrugs*....sorry....maybe I'm too judgemental..

The next morning I went to help my temple with the Teriyaki chicken sale. Unfortunately, Lodi Buddhist Church's financial committee had UNDERESTIMATED how much should be made...we ran out and had to give re-funds to people who pre-ordered earlier...that's HOW MUCH we were lacking...we cut back 500 boxed lunches...but through a miscount, my family got their share. It also ended UBER EARLY...I'm used to selling lunches until 2-3 pm....we got out at 1 pm.

Afterwards my mother bugged me to get a flu shot at Kaiser in Stockton. Grant and I both went and got it...I HATE SHOTS...T_T!!! HATE THEM SO MUCH! I hate needles...fear them (except for sewing) and that's why NO TATTOOS for me XD!!

Then spend the rest of the day and night watching a couple episodes of Law and Order along with reading for the week and eating a nice homemade dinner my mom made. I ate a lot of it XD!!

The next morning my mom and I went to the Lodi Street Faire and bought a couple purses. I also bought a sweet potato pie and ate it later at work. I had a good time just shopping with my mom. We also had some fried rice and chicken while listening to a girl who used to attend my temple when I was younger sing in a band that she formed with a friend and her father.

After that I took almost an hour to type up the e-mail addresses of every new DAC member to inform them of the new upcoming social mingling event on Friday that I'm hosting.

Work went all right. I like chatting with some of my co-workers and it wasn't too bad. *shrugs*

More soon!!


Today worked out with Jesse again as usual.

We met up with Ariel and her friend Sam at Raja's for lunch. It was SUCH GOOD FOOD and the host is so kind! I will go again for lunch in the future for sure!

I came back and relaxed a bit before going to work. When I got to work I had SO MUCH GLASSWARE TO CLEAN! I cleaned for 2.5 hours and got tired....I told them I was going and would do the rest next week. Danielle (not roommate but PhD student in the lab) told me she was always amazed every time I came to the lab. She remembers when she was a glassware cleaner as well...but she feels that I have to deal with a lot of crap from the others. She is the only one now who will every once in awhile show that she appreciates my help. Everyone else has taken me for granted lately.....*sighs*...oh well...a job is a job....I am considering quitting after this summer...we'll see...

I got back and had some dinner before playing more Dokapon Kingdom.

Headed off to SF tomorrow to see Armay. ARASHI AND DBSK TIMES TOMORROW!! ^^

Real People Fanfic Complaint

So if you disagree with me (which I know some of you out there probably will) I accept your views on this topic and your insight. If you can convince me that I'm wrong, go ahead. I won't take offense to it, instead I may change my views.

So I love fanfics overall. I do enjoy them, but don't read them these days. However, I don't like fanfics using real people like K-pop or J-pop stars. I guess my issue is that they are real people and to me that is creeper than using anime characters. Anime characters aren't real and therefore the stories will never happen (unless the animators coincidentally make the same plots...but still...THEY AREN'T REAL PEOPLE). I guess I'm more okay with characters who are not real, but with real life people....I guess it just doesn't settle with me.

I'm mostly posting this b/c in one of my J-pop groups, someone posted a fanfic of a kid version of Jin Akanishi (singer in Kat-tun) talking to someone about puberty or something along those lines....seriously...it seemed kind of ridiculous to me that someone would write a fanfic of a kid version of a celebrity....but maybe that's my problem and it's perfectly legitimate....but for me I don't want to be reading that stuff....

Thanks fashion industry...

So I did some reading for my CMN 103 class this morning...and according to the textbook....the fashion industry considers my size 12 body "plus size"...thanks...that makes me feel SO GOOD....in reality though I know their size standards are completely unrealistic. Still, I'm only 20 pounds overweight...and that means I'm "plus size"? *shrugs* Whatever...


So I've been coughing all morning......and decided to not take my allergy medicine and now have runny nose going on....although I thought it was too hot for the pollen to attack me...now my throat is a little sore......don't know what it is....

Lessons from Recent Drama

So what have I gained from the recent drama?

1) It has confirmed my hatred of prejudice.
2) It has confirmed my hatred of blanket stereotyping.
3) It has confirmed to me that I can not be friends who support #1 and #2 when it comes to issues of my own personal identity.
4) I can become friends with people who fit in category #3 again IF and ONLY IF they realize the error of their ways and apologize to those they have hurt and insulted.

Yes, it is an infection....

So went to the doctor's today at Kaiser in south Davis after my bowling class (in which the teacher didn't show up so we just bowled for fun. ^^ Oh, also the machine in the arcade has Super Junior M's "U" and Wonder Girls' "Tell Me" to dance to!!) I had to wait quite awhile since five of the doctors had taken the entire week off for Easter. But yes, when my doctor did come in, he said it is an infection and he said I need to take antibiotics 4 times a day. (Now I have a total of 5 medications I have to take daily...just great...)

Then as I was exiting Kaiser hopeful that the pain in my ears would soon stop, I saw it was cloudy outside. I got panicked and tried to bike to campus as fast as I could, but the wind was strong and the rain started to pour on me.....

I only worked 1 and a half hours!! T_T!! Getting slightly worried....

Classes were interesting as usual. I'm seriously enjoying every class this quarter. It's so rare! Most quarters I have that one class I absolutely despise, but this quarter I can honestly say I do like studying the material. Yes, I have tons of reading, papers, and hw, but at least it's material that I find fascinating.

Well wish me luck on a chapter test (my first one this quarter) in JPN 113 for tomorrow. Hope it doesn't rain!! T_T!!